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Area of Activities

1. Agronomics a. Digital grain Moisture meter & Analyzer
2. Beverage analysis b. Alcohol meter, CO2/O2 meter
3. Calorimetry c. Bomb calorimeter
4. Chromatography d. LC, HPLC, GC, GC-MS
5. Colloid Science e. Turbidimeter
6. Density & Concentration f. Digital Density/Concentration meters (Lab & Process)
7. Electrochemistry g. pH/TDS/Cond/IONselection meters, Auto-Titrator
8. Environmental chemistry h. Air Quality Analyzer
9. Gravimetry i. Moisture balance
10. Laboratory Automation j. Online/Inline meter/controllers
11. Nanochemistry k. Particle counter/Particle sizer
12. Petroleum Testing l. Digital FlashPoint/PourPont/Viscosity tester, etc.
13. Polarimetry m. Digital Polarimeter
14. Refractometry n. Digital Refractometer
15. Rheometry o. Rheometer
16. Spectrophotometry & Radiometry p. FT-IR,Raman, Uv-Vis, AA Spectrophometer, etc.
17. Thermochemistry q. Waterbath, Sonicator, Circulator
18. Viscometry r. Digital Viscometer/SVM
19. Viscosity s. Rotory viscometer
20. Water & Wastewater analysis t. Complete Water testing kit
21. Weighing u. Analytical/Toploading/Platform/Industrial balance
22. X-ray structural analysis v. XRF Analyzers, etc
Customer Index
1. Agriculture/Feeds 7. Government MDAs 13. Pharmaceuticals/Biomedical companies
2. Analytical Laboratories (public & private) 8. Hospitals & Clinics 14. Regulatory agencies
3. Breweries/Distilleries 9. Hotels & Hospitality 15. Universities/Educational institutes/Research institutes
4. Chemical/Cosmetics Industries 10. Industries/Manufacturing
5. Energy & Power stations 11. Mining/Steel/Minerals ores 16. Water & Wastewater industries
6. Food & Drink companies 12. Oil, Gas and Petroleum Industries
Operational Territory coverage: Nigeria and West African sub-regions.
1.Nigeria 4.T-chad 7.Mali
2.Ghana 5.Ivory Coast 8.Republic of Benin
3.Cameroon 6.Sierra-Leone 9.Togo
10.Burkina Faso

Our location provides :

*Easy accessibility
*Conducive business atmosphere
*Secure and insured premises that guarantee our operations.

Head Office:Winelight House 3, Adebayo, Mokuolu Str., Opp. Newcastle, Hotel, Anthony Village, Lagos P.O. Box 8487 Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. Tel: +234 802 290 1866, 080 3333 9602.
London Office: 67 Snowman House, Abbey Road, London NW6 4DW. Tel: +44-0-78 9999 7427

OEM Affiliation
1.Anton Paar GmbH - Austria 7. Sykam- Germany
2. ThermoFisher Scientific – Austria/USA 8. Grabner Instrument -Austria
3. Grant Instruments Ltd – UK 9. Eraly -France
4. Hach Company – USA 10. DDS Calorimeter-South Africa
5. Dickey-John – USA 11. Geotechnical Testing Equipment Limited -UK
6. Normalab (Petroleum Testing) - France 12. Carbolite Gero Limited -UK


Offering quality products and technologies in science and industry.


Providing scientific solutions.

Quality Policy

WINELIGHT ANALYTICAL SYSTEMS LIMITED is highly committed to manufacturing and marketing of quality plastic containers and derivatives of various sizes and shapes according to customer specifications.We shall continually improve our processes through effective implementation of NIS ISO 9001: 2015

Quality objectives

• Establishment of a Quality Management System that meets the requirements of NIS ISO 9001:2015. • To continuously monitor customer`s satisfaction at least once a year. • Respond to customer complaints within 24hours. • To implement QMS capable of promoting continual improvement of our products and services.

Staff Organogram

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Management Staff

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Cost Of Equipment

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