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Products - Carbolite

1. Furnace

This thermal cycling rig comprises four 1200°C GHA 12/450 furnaces, each with a heated length of 450mm installed into and integrated frame. Each furnace has an independent 8 segment programmable controller and each has over-temperature protection and RS232 communications.The operator manually transfers the sample between furnaces.

One of five identical thermal cycling furnaces for accelerated aging tests on sensors that are used in aircraft engines. In use test samples experience temperatures up to 1100°C. These 1200°C 3 zone furnaces have actuators that can insert up to 15 sensors each around 2mm in diameter into the furnace for around 30 minutes then return them to ambient temperature for up to 4000 cycles. The design is derived from that of the standard TZF-12-38-400.

2. Laboratory Chamber Furnaces

Chamber furnaces enable larger or more awkwardly shaped loads to be heated. The size of the chamber and how it is to be loaded and unloaded determine which style of furnace is best for a given application. Carbolite chamber furnaces are available with maximum operating temperatures from 750°C to 1,800°C. Products below cover the 750°C to 1,300°C range.

3. The Apex AX Series Ovens are a range of 250°C laboratory ovens

Comprising three bench-top sized models that are equipped with the R38 digital PID temperature controller.
Standard Features
250°C maximum operating temperature 30, 60 or 120 litres chamber volumes Equipped with the R38 digital PID temperature controller Fan convected for rapid heating & excellent uniformity Chemically resistant stainless steel liner Two adjustable nickel-chrome plated wire shelves Lever latch door & airtight silicone seal Built to comply with BS EN 61010-2-010-1995 & BS EN 50014:1993 Meets 'Electrically Heated Drying Oven' performance standard BS 2648 Options (specify these at time of order) Over-temperature protection to DIN 12-880 class 2 (recommended to protect valuable contents & for unattended operation) Digital countdown timer to switch oven off Additional sets of shelves & runners Key-lock door Low voltage options for use below 220V Routine spares kit Control Options R38 Basic Controller

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