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Main caracteristics
Viscosity bath – 40 litres – 6 positions Temperature from Ambient to 150°C – Can be connected to a cryostat for temperature below 40°C. Easy temperature control through a turn- push button. The bath features a unique turntable for maximizing tube position in the bath and the operator’s ease of use. The bath temperature is regulated using a PT-100 temperature probe connected to a microprocessor module. The advanced electronic control system continually computes the energy input required for optimal temperature accuracy and stability. Temperature read-out is on a LCD display. The actual set point is computed within the controller with an accuracy of 0.001°C.
NVS 210 bath can be emptied via a drain located at the backside of the equipment and makes the cleaning easy. Low level & overflow safety Maximum temperature can be set with automatic cut off.
Additional informations
Dimensions : LxWxH in mm : 510 x 352 x 590 Weight : 80 Kg Ref 23210 : NVS 210 230V / 50 Hz Ref 23210/115 : NVS 210 115V / 60 Hz 230V / 60 Hz on request

2. Automated foaming test apparatus

Category: Demulsivity and Foaming The apparatus consists of a frame supporting two Pyrex jars (one for 24 and one for 93.5°C) and a control box with all the electronics. The equipment permits to perform the analysis automatically: it’s enough to pour the sample in the cylinder and to insert the cylinder in the jar. By pressing a button on the 8.4” touch screen display, the test sequence will be started: after a selectable waiting time, the prescribed 470 ml of air is blown into the sample in 5 minutes: an audible alarm alerts the user 30 sec. prior to the end of the blowing time. The apparatus permits also to record test data, diagnose and calibrate temperature and flow sensors. Powder coated steel frame supporting two Pyrex jars, one for tests at 24 and one for tests at 93.5°C. Aluminium covers, each with two holes for the graduate test cylinders: locking clamps to hold the cylinders in position and thermometer jacket for ASTM 12C thermometer on each cover. Electrical bath stirrer on the jar cover. Stainless steel heaters. Two stainless steel cooling coils in the 24°C jar: one permits to maintain 24°C in the jar by circulating tap water and one permits to cool down the air used in sequence II. Two or four electronic mass flow controllers with 0-200 ml/min scale and 0.1% F.S. precision. Electronic controller that permits to run the test completely automatically: selectable waiting, blowing and alarm time. The controller provides also to maintain the jars at the prescribed temperatures with 0.1°C accuracy. 8.4” touch screen display. Calibration, diagnostic and data storage routines. Temperature measuring elements: PT100 RTD. Operating range: from ambient to 100°C. One Ethernet, two USB and one serial port. Safety transparent shield surrounding 93.5°C bath. Safety devices against overheating and low level on both jars. Easy access control box: it can be removed in case of malfunctionment for easy transportation. English written user's guide and installation instructions. For 220V / 50Hz connections. Power consumption 2500 W. Dimensions (l x w x h): mm 1050 x 460 x 720. Weight: kg 55 approx. CE marked.

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